Gucci’s Headscarves And Hair Accessories At The Cruise 2017 Fashion Show

The beauty takeaway at the Gucci 2017 fashion show in London is that it isn’t so much about makeup. It is more about hair accessories.

Models strutted down the runway wearing a variety of different hair accessories including sparkly barrettes, headscarves and hats. And sometimes they wore combination of all of them.

For the models whose hair wasn’t completely covered by their hair accessories, their locks were left down with a slightly 1970s vibe with textured ends and off-center parts. The look was created by Paul Hanlon.

The makeup look took a backseat to the accessories. Models’ faces were kept neutral so the statement sunglasses and glasses would be the focus.

The nail look was equally minimal with models sporting short, natural nails.

The paired-back beauty look allowed the clothes and accessories to truly shine, which is really what a Gucci fashion show is all about, right?

Main Photo: Instagram/Delphine_Bonnet

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