Charlie’s Angels London Photocall Beauty Looks

After the Charlie’s Angels UK premiere hair and makeup, the Charlie’s Angels London photocall beauty looks showed the cast definitely has a preference for undone, textured hair.

Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott’s hair was parted on the side and swept back. Bedhead tendrils around her face softened the look. Black mascara with a hint of black eyeliner on the outer corners and pink lipstick rounded out the look.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart showed off why messy hair is her signature with her windswept, side-parted hairstyle. Gray eyeshadow and natural pink lip gloss tied in her outfit and the tomboyish theme.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks’s tousled waves were parted down the middle and given a bit of height around the crown. Her makeup finish, of brown eyeshadow, eyeliner and mid-pink lipstick, was soft and subtle for day.

Ella Balinska

Ella Balinska also went with a dramatic part. Her hair was parted very deep on the side and taken over one shoulder. Light gray eyeshadow and my-lips-but-better neutral lipstick contributed to the effortless finish and complemented her pastel blue layers.

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